Crossy Road

Crossy Road is a game in which you always need to be on the move, because if you decide to take even a short break, the bottom of the screen will reach your character, and you will fail very quickly. The game aims to overcome various obstacles in order to move to the next level. The player will have to collect coins at various stages, and the more you collect, the faster you will be able to open new characters. A good bonus is that at each new level, the player will receive coins like an ordinary reward. The game is available on both your smartphone and PC.

On the computer, the character will be controlled with the arrows, on the phone with the help of swipes. The user will have to pass through a busy road and stay alive, overcome a raging river with logs floating on the surface without getting underwater, and even fight with villains who will prevent victory. Each stage of the game has a different degree of difficulty. Somewhere the victory will be easy to achieve, and somewhere the user will have to work hard. Anyway, Crossy Road is an insanely exciting game that can drag on for a long time.