Outsourced accountant or in-house accountant: which is better?

Canada is a unique country that provides huge opportunities for those who want to organize their own business and develop it. And no business can develop qualitatively without competent accounting support.

Bookkeeping in Canada is a very interesting phenomenon: since not all companies can afford to have a highly qualified accountant on staff, many companies order financial support services from third-party accounting firms.

Why is it better to choose an outsourced accountant?

Some of Canada’s largest accounting firms are based in Toronto, but provide services throughout the country. As a result, it is in this city that some of the most experienced accountants are gathered, who provide the most highly professional services.

Accounting firms in Toronto provide services for the full support of the company’s activities, from the collection and formation of reports and ending with the return of overpaid tax payments.

Employees of accounting firms working in large companies have a very high level of qualifications, which allows them not only to provide services at the highest possible level, but also to quickly resolve emerging problem situations.

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Not all full-time accountants working in large or small firms can boast of extensive experience, primarily due to the fact that they work in one industry and have narrowly focused professional knowledge and qualifications.

In addition, an accountant on the staff of a company may not always have a certificate from one of the three accounting associations. As for the specialists of accounting firms that provide outsourcing services, they differ from the regular ones in the following features, in addition to a high professional level:

  • availability of a certificate confirming membership in one of the accounting associations;
  • diverse experience in solving emerging issues, including financial and management type;
  • the possibility of providing consulting and audit services due to a diverse work profile.

If the head of the company has decided to take an accountant to his staff, then he should be ready for the need to pay for the services of such a specialist at a high salary level.