Saving of the galaxy in games and movies

If we describe the best movies of recent decades, there are many such movies in which the protagonists do admirable and courageous things. Sometimes, they even save the Earth and even the entire galaxy from destruction.

You can easily verify this, and to do this, you need to go to an apk download site and install FzMovies or a similar app on your mobile device so you can get the opportunity to download and view any movies and TV series for free. But, they are equal to movie heroes and central characters of the best game series in their saturation and heroism.

In this article, you will see a description of the best games in which gamers will experience how the characters behave when the world demands courage and serious actions from them.

Mass Effect

Commander Shepard is one of those who had to act as the savior of humanity. Every 50,000 years, a race of Reapers comes from the depths of the stars. These biomechanical creatures do not enter into conversation but begin to destroy the entire intelligent life that stands in their way.

These Reapers are severe opponents with virtually invulnerable spaceships, and their weapons have great destructive power. But these Reapers never knew they would face a true daredevil who did not know such a word as defeat. Also, they will do everything possible to save humanity and destroy the alien invaders’ plans.

Mass Effect


The protagonist of the 1st part of the cult shooter called DOOM teaches gamers that every man must find and occupy his best status in the world. This character found his calling to destroy demons that had escaped from hell. He knows his path and purpose and will never stop moving forward. He will heroically make his way through the hordes of evil creatures.

Also, this man is not afraid, even though the monsters will manage to lure him into a trap from which there will be no way out. Doomguy knows that sooner or later, he can escape and continue on the bloody but practical path for humanity. And even the Dark Lord failed to stop this desperate space fighter that the central character met in one of the DOOM’s Eternal: The Ancient Gods as a boss.

Cyberpunk 2077

Johnny Silverhand, the central character of Cyberpunk 2077, lives in a world that is not pleasant. There, corporations run the world, lobbying for the laws they want, eliminating the disaffected, stealing technology, and not even being afraid to kidnap some people. Johnny’s rebelled against the system when the Arasaki Corporation stole his girlfriend.

He was a notorious rebel, rocker, and brave guy but quickly realized he could not fight such a powerful corporation. But he found the strength and courage to attack Arasaka by blowing up the head office, waiting until there were no ordinary employees and visitors. And although Johnny’s methods are relatively rigid, he can still fight the powerful even on his own.

And interestingly, Silverhand didn’t even stop an older woman with a scythe, and at a club called Afterlife, he got the status of a true legend. After that, any self-respecting mercenary considered it his duty to drink a cocktail named after Johnny.

Once, the protagonist Vee drank such a cocktail, but in a metaphorical sense, as it led to a situation where representatives of a large corporation were again challenged.

We can hardly summarise all the best games about brave men and women. Still, you should not ignore such heroes as Duke Nukem from the eponymous shooter, Ethan Winters from Resident Evil, Kratos from God of War, Marcus Phoenix from Gears of War, Nathan Drake from Uncharted, and even Arthur Morgan of Red Dead Redemption 2.