Installing Android Apps Using an Apk Archive

The most well-known and simple way to install apps on Android devices is the Google Play Store. But sometimes, there are situations when the installation using this method is not suitable for a device, or the archive files of an app are required, say, for programmers who would like to extract code, debug, and adjust. Ordinary users at times also require apk for Android. For example, in the case when a developer removed an app, or when a device meets the system requirements but the Play Store refuses to install it due to a mismatch of some characteristics. In all such cases, an app can be found in the apk form. However, one needs a source for downloading apk files. It can be represented by special websites or applications where such archives are uploaded. Accordingly, one can take advantage of such an apk download site or application to download any app without using the Play Market. But it is important to make sure that a program is safe so that it does not become a source of viruses. Therefore, one should take the question of choosing a safe website seriously.

One of the proven archive sources is Apksalad. On the website, one can choose the language settings. A wide variety of smartphone utility apps are available for installation.


The Website’s Features

Using the settings, you can choose the preferred language that an application will feature — there several most common languages to choose from.

The archives are sorted into three subsections for convenient search: popular, gaining popularity, and new. Besides, you can also find a necessary apk file using the search field. Moreover, the best apps are recommended.

There you can download messengers, games, dating apps, and much more.

When selecting an application to download, the user is provided with the information about the developer, the app itself, the features of the downloaded file, the latest supported version, the system requirements, the required Android version, the file size, and rating. Besides, you can see recommended archives of the same category.

The Most Common Cases When You Will Need an Archive

  1. Unavailablilty in your country.

  2. An app is new and has not yet been officially released for the Play Market.

  3. The device’s specifications meet the requirements, but an app can’t be downloaded through the Play Market.

  4. The developer removed an app from the Play Market.

Recommendations for Installing Apk Files

By default, you can’t install apps from unknown sources on your devices. To allow the download, you need to select the Unknown Sources checkbox in the security settings.

Next, you need to download a file, that is, an apk archive necessary to install an app.

To ensure security, it is better to check their authenticity before downloading apk archives; for this, you should take them from verified sources and install an antivirus program on the device.