Growth of the gaming industry around the world: a gamedev-themed seminar was held in Uzbekistan

A seminar titled “The Origin of Gamedev in Uzbekistan” was held at the Tashkent branch of IT Park. President Mirziyoyev himself took part in the creation of this modern IT complex. The events held here have a noticeable impact on many areas of digital development. This seminar was no exception.

It focused on the development of the gaming industry in Uzbekistan. The workshop was led by Alexander Mukhitdinov, an experienced computer game developer and founder of Cube of Skill. Many participants attended the seminar to gain insights into the creation and development of games in the country.

The training covered significant topics regarding establishing and advancing the gaming industry in Uzbekistan.

Alexander Mukhitdinov provided insights and shared his expertise on successfully establishing a gaming industry in the country and making it globally recognized. His presentation highlighted the significance of positioning Uzbekistan as a leader among Muslim nations in gaming production and explained how 3D technology aids in creating video games.

Importance of the topic under discussion

The founder of Cube of Skill stated that mobile games should not take precedence in developing the gaming industry, particularly if the aim is to produce comprehensive video games.

In Uzbekistan, there is currently no development of PC games, which is a concern as other countries without a gaming industry are working to address this issue. Africa has been developing PC games since the 1990s, highlighting the disparity. Saudi Arabia is an example of a country actively addressing the problem, as they recently invested $38 billion to establish their game development industry.


Last year, the gaming industry was recognized by the European Parliament as a vital part of Europe’s cultural heritage. Consequently, the Parliament made considerable investments in the gaming sector. After two years, there was a 26% increase in the number of gaming companies in Germany, and the gaming market also grew by 32%, leading to increased employment opportunities for many people.

The speaker mentioned that his company, Cube of Skill, will strive to enhance Uzbekistan’s gaming industry and produce top-notch 3D PC games utilizing the Unreal Engine.

According to Mukhitdinov, the gaming industry in the country must attract skilled programmers, 3D artists, 3D animators, and investors. He also stressed the competitive and intricate nature of the gaming industry and the need to utilize all tools, including psychology and advertising, to attract customers.

The seminar “The Origin of Game Development in Uzbekistan” was a crucial event for the growth of the country’s gaming industry. Attendees gained insights and information about creating computer games and exchanged ideas on the future of game development in Uzbekistan.

The seminar “The Origin of Gamedev in Uzbekistan” was an important event highlighting the gaming industry’s potential for growth and development in Uzbekistan and the region.

It is clear that with proper investment, training, and support from both government institutions and private companies, there will be greater opportunities for growth within the country’s game development community. With the successful implementation of these strategies, it can become a leading Muslim nation in video game production.