Toy Defense

Tow Defense 2D offers gamers to participate in the defense of an important object from enemy attacks. For a successful military campaign, it is necessary to show tactics and optimally distribute the combat power around the perimeter of the base. The story takes place during the Second World War, and the gameplay includes four missions of 24 levels. At the same time, you can earn bonus points for successful battles, and then spend them on various buns for your units.

The higher the level you reach, the more powerful the enemy attacks, for successful combat operations, you need to periodically upgrade your fighters. All characters have different functionality and capabilities, and you can improve their skills, weapons, and defense in the game store.

The user interface is as clear and easy to manage as possible.

To win the “Toy Defense” will have to make a lot of strategies, calculate the possible moves of the enemy and protect your army from losses as much as possible.