Dog Puzzle Story

You will not remain indifferent to the cute puppy named Charlie and his fascinating journey with this game. Charlie, with a great sense of smell and adventure, explores his territory namely the garden. What a mess! Toys, pillows, and snacks are scattered here and there. Help the puppy to collect all the items and put them in their places. If you find three or more items of the same type, combine them to make the task easier! It brings cool bonuses that will help you win the game.

As soon as the aim of the current level is reached, you will immediately move on to the next and more interesting one. If playing a computer then use the mouse; if you have a touch screen, swipe. Your and Charlie aims to complete level tasks. Each level has a move counter: the number of moves decreases with each move you make.

Complete the assigned missions and tasks, earn additional prizes and help Charlie to solve difficult puzzles. Good luck!