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Common Medical Conditions in Veterans

Being a veteran is not that easy and even if they receive treatment after injuries, they still have wounds after the war has ended. Being aware of the warning signs greatly helps with early detection and treatment. Follow this article to find out what affects the medical condition of most veterans today.

The first common condition is brucellosis which is a bacterial disease. Having affected animals, it is possible to get to the veterans after they consume unpasteurized dairy products. An affected veteran gets high fever and sweats. veterans with hearing loss are also said to be affected by brucellosis and some even get complete deafness. You can overcome such situations by using hearing aids or using sign language in case of complete deafness.

The second most popular medical condition in veterans is Parkinson disease. It affects the neuron in the brain that is responsible for motor control and the functioning of the body central nervous system. The disease makes a veteran to have difficulty when moving and may also get tremors. There are different stages of Parkinson disease and it is mainly as a result of exposure to the agent orange.

Hodgkin’s disease is also a common medical condition in veterans. The lymph system is the one which is mostly affected by the disease. When you have swollen or even enlarged lymph nodes. then these are signs of the disease. It also comes with fever, sweating and feeling fatigued. The other common medical condition in veterans is amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The disadvantage of this disease is that there is no known cause as well as no known cure for it. It is, therefore, very difficult to manage it and most veterans with this end up dying. Having the disease may cause to have difficulty walking, falling, slurred speech, difficulty swallowing, clumsiness and even feel pain in the muscles.

The firth medical condition in veterans is prostate cancer. Being exposed to agent orange causes prostate cancer. To find out you have prostate cancer, you note that you urinate frequently, have bloody urine, erectile dysfunction and feel pain when urinating. Lastly, post-traumatic stress disorder also is a common medical condition in veterans. It is a condition that affects almost everyone but for veterans mostly it is because of two major reasons. One of the reasons is the negative impact of war and other things they see that greatly affect their mental well-being. The second reason is the boot camps and training programs which are intense and are meant to harden them. It is possible to get treated but the treatment is dependent on the severity of the condition. Following the article, you have learned some of the common medical conditions encountered by veterans.