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Why Consider a DIY Foundation Crack Repair Kit

There are many homeowners today who are experiencing problems of having cracks in their concrete foundation wall. Most homes both the new and old will develop foundation cracks eventually. There are instances where the cracks are not leaking now, which in fact is only a matter of time where it will show some signs because your exterior waterproofing will deteriorate over time. If the basement cracks are leaking currently, now is the best time for you to give it repairs so you are able to avoid future water damages and mold growth in your basement area.

Many homeowners actually learned it the hard way that repairing cracks on your basement wall and using materials such as hydraulic cement, patching compounds and caulk does not last forever. Caulk would actually shrink and it is going to lose adhesion and this also is bond with the concrete. The hydraulic cement on the other hand will not bond well with concrete and due to the fact that it is a rigid material, the natural movement of concrete will cause it to separate and will later on leak again. Such waterproofing repairs are however temporarate band aids, but the use of foundation crack repair kits can in fact give you various advantages like:

No Need to Excavate

You could potentially save tons of money when you repair the crack from the inside out.

No Drills Necessary

Low pressure injections are able to help in removing the need on drilling holes on your walls.

Fills in Hairline Cracks

The low viscosity urethane is in fact best for repairing hairline cracks.

No Usage of Special Tools

Repair kits are all complete, but what you just need would be a standard caulking gun.

Saving Lots of Money

If you hire a contractor to visit your home and give the repair for your leaking foundation cracks, you will find that it is really costly. When you use a foundation crack repair kit, it helps in making the repairs easy and inexpensive as well.

Repair kits in fact were used for so many years already both by thousands of homeowners and basement contractors as well. A low-pressure crack injection repair will work through filling the whole depth and length of your foundation cracks in order to stop any water leaks.

DIY foundation crack repairs kits also uses two component polyurethane for the injections. These in fact are being used by all the waterproofing contractors simply because the material can give a superior repair that is capable of lasting forever. The kits are also user-friendly and there are no special skills required for it. It just needs your patience and time to implement and for you to finish the job.

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